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EDMUND LAZA, Adhaya Tharay, Lino Print, Badu Art Centre

Adhya Tharay


Size: 56cm x 38cm

Medium: Lino-print

Category: Art Prints / Etchings

$200.00 (Incl GST)

This artwork is a mask containing two faces in the one image.

It is how I chose to represent a present conflict which is broadening its horizons on my people.

The conflict is kareh yarn, which means you take something told to you and carry it to other people where you pass it on.

The conflict I want express is when you tell someone you trust about something confidential, then that person tells someone else for his amusement, which turns into gossip and whispers.

The face in the mask is listening to you as you confide your secrets to someone you trust.

The inverse image, shows the person you trust laughing about you behind your back.

The circles on its ears signify the person’s interest in what you are saying. The wings on its cheeks represent tears that our forefathers are shedding about the way our people carry on.

To move forward we need loyalty and trust within our people, not gossip. What we know in the present day is because of the trust of our forefathers to pass down their stories to successive generations.