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Kara Dibidibi

Kara Dibidibi




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The full moon shaped ‘Dibidibi’ a traditional necklace is used and worn by islanders during various island dancing especially seen on dancers dancing the ‘Kab Karr’ traditional ‘Meriam’ Murray Island dance, with the snake (Tabo) as it is called and known by the Meriam people and it is also my Grandfather (Athe’s) Totem (Lububat) his clan on Murray (Mer) Island the ‘Geuram’ Tribe.

I have also carved a Gecko (Wanpun) my Grandmothers Totem (Lububat) also her clan is also from Murray (Mer) Island, the ‘Komet” Tribe. The man wearing the head dress (Dhari) symbolizes myself and with the designs around that, I did is about my blessings, my teachings, my love, my respect, my culture, my guidance, my protection from my Grandparents (Athe & Aka) The snake (Tabo) and the Gecko (Wanpun) all throughout my life my grandparents (Athe & Aka) has always played a big role in my life ever since birth, also my grandparents (Athe & Aka) totems also represents my father and my family bloodline to Murray ‘Mer’ Island, My Murray Island Family ‘Meriam Pamle’ I’ve also carved a second piece of lino, a quarter moon shaped ‘Dibidibi’ another traditional necklace worn by Torres Strait Islanders in the eastern islands of Murray (Mer) Island and Darnley (Erub) Island, the quarter moon shaped ‘Dibidibi’ was normally used and worn by warriors during wars in the eastern island. With the animals that I’ve carved are all totems (Lububat) they also symbolizes my other Grandparents (Athe & Aka) My Grandfather (Athe) is a full blood born native Darnley (Erub) man, full bloodline to my ancestor warriors ‘Rebes’ his clan on Erub is the four (4) Tribes of Darnley Island. Frigate Bird (Waumer) represents the ‘Peiudu’ Tribe Turtle (Nam) represents the ‘Meuram’ Tribe Snake (Tabo) represents the ‘Saisarem’ Tribe Shark (Beizam) represents the ‘Samsep’ Tribe These are the four (4) tribes of Darnely (Erub) Island.

I’ve carved showing two sharks (Beizam) as a symbols of the Guidance and protection of the deep blue sea’s around Darnley (Erub) Island with the ‘Alag’ mask to represents four tribes of Erub. The tribes – Peidud, Meuranp, Saisarem & Samsep are the four totems (Lububat) of my grandfather (Athe) The Frigate Bird (Waumer) ‘Peiudu’ tribe also symbolizes my Grandmother (Aka) a ‘Peiudu’ woman one of the four tribes on Erub.

The designs that I’ve carved is about my knowledge of the sea and the lands on Darnely (Erub) Island with the physical and spiritual guidance and protection from present and past family and they all represent my mother and myself my bloodline to the Darnley (Erub) Island Family (Pamle) Both of my artwork that I’ve carved out is really about my family and about myself of who I am and where I am from where I belong I am who I am.. A full blood born Eastern Islander.

I AM A ‘MERUBIAN ARES LE’ Mer & Erub Warrior

Frank Mye