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Keriba Omasker

Keriba Omasker


Size: Paper Size: H54.5cm x W52cm, Image Size: H32.5cm x W34cm


Category: Prints

$400.00 (Incl GST)

This lino is based on the tragedy deaths of our eight beautiful ‘Peiudu’ Angels in Cairns in North Queensland but its mainly about togetherness, the bonding of love as a family that brothers and sisters share together. It was a tragic death of the children, one of Australia’s biggest shock also to all the families in the Torres strait communities, I’ve decided to do this as a remembrance of the children’s as they’re also my relations, my ‘Peiudu Pamle’ my sisters and brothers gone but never forgotten by families.

With the ‘Waumer’ Frigate birds and the ‘Daborr’ Spanish mackerel, their totems flying high above in the skies and swimming in the seas together, symbolizes their togetherness, their love as they were when they were alive and also in spirit, they still soar in the skies and swim in the seas together as one.

RIP ‘Keriba Omasker’

Franklin Mye 2019