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Wag Wag Ene Sereb Seteb Narr (boat)

Wag Wag Ene Sereb Seteb Narr (boat)


Size: Paper: L46.5cm x H37.5cm, Image: L26.5cm x H22cm


Category: Prints

$300.00 (Incl GST)

Modern canoe racing originally and mainly take place on ‘Erub’ Darnley Island during the 1st of July, (Coming of the light) Celebration, with canoes from all the villages as they stand side by side with their canoes ready waiting for the strong south east winds (sager) blows the races begins from (Ina Village)

The skippers let their canoes go and at top speed the canoes glides in the air, slides on the sea running to a catcher at the finish at (Mogor Village) and out of the six races which ever canoes wins most races win the grand prize in 1st Place, 2nd and 3rd places by other canoes.

Franklin Mye