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Torres Strait Islander Art from Badu Island
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Ngulpun Apu (Our Mother Earth)

Ngulpun Apu (Our Mother Earth)


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Ngulpun Apu (Our Mother Earth)

This print was inspired by the recent earthquake in Porgera, PNG on the 26th of February which was a 7.5 Magnitude which happened around 3.44am in the morning. I believe some of the Islands in the Torres Strait and NPA felt the earth shake.

I felt it on Badu Island which is represent in the bottom of my image. The plain black Island represents our Island of the Torres Strait that I see as vulnerable at the moment because the earthquake to me are occurring right next to the Torres Strait region and they is a really strong chance that there might be one in our region or close to us any time.

The big waves above the black island represents the monsoonal high tides waves which affects our Island during the monsoon season where we experienced record high tides. I’ve included a volcano because we saw on the news last year had erupted in Bali which left Australian people stranded due to ash in the atmosphere unable for planes to fly in or fly out.

The coconut I’ve included plays a big role in keeping the islands, ground and soil together from erosions and high tides. The shell represents our reefs which have been affected by global warning that have caused reefs to die and coral bleaching.

The four frangipani represents the four seasons, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer as they are abit off on their normal seasonal time too, how I remember as a child. For example the moonson season, when I was a child, the rains would come in November, but today, it rains early in the years March, April.

The woman represent mother nature and she is telling us all to listen to her because of what we humans are doing to our beloved earth with air/water/soil pollution, mining etc… is damaging and killing her.

The Bu shell was used to warn people of coming dangers which I’ve included Mother Earth giving us a warning by blowing the Bu shell. We need to look after our earth more because she is ‘Ngulpun Apu’ for we all live in this place we call… EARTH.

Joseph Au