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Joseph Au, Eye, Dugong, Life cycle, Torres Strait, Art

Ngulpun Kosarr Koey Ai


Size: Paper Size: H570mm x L605mm, Image Size: H300mm x L380mm

Medium: Lino Print

Category: Original Artwork

$560.00 (Incl GST)

Ngulpun Kosarr Koey Al

This print of mine ‘Ngulpun Kosarr Koey Ai’ is in lingo means Our two main traditional foods that are up here in the Torres Strait, the Turtle and Dugong.

Both of them play a big part in Our Culture with ceremonies, feasting, cultural practices etc..

They are also a big help to our Torres Strait families being having plenty of meat, for the price of food up here in our region is very expensive.

Both the dugong and turtle are respected totems of some of our Torres Strait families but it is sad that today there is opposition today and our cultural practices is at risk.

Joseph Au 2017