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Laurie Nona Badu Art Centre Goegapa Kabminaik Dance Till Day Light artwork

Goegapa Kabminaik (Dance Till Day Light)


Size: 120cm x 80cm

Category: Art Prints / Etchings

$600.00 (Incl GST)

Goegapa Kubminaik - Dance till day light is my image representing preparation, enjoyment and family happy time of our traditional celebrations through dance, making ready for a loved one’s Tombstone Opening.

My print depicts a dancer dancing on the horizon as the sun comes up evoking the experience of that moment in time as the sunrises to the last dancer on the dancing field.

The two identical coconuts side by side are a representation of our oral culture, the passing of our stories, our beliefs and values from our ancestors and down to us and our children’s children.

The Kubarr (Seed or Nut) within the coconut husks which is sprouting in representation of the continuation of new growth and the reproduction to the preservation of culture from before time, today onto tomorrow.

The layering of the pattern above the coconuts are symbolic to the contemporary Torres strait islander traditional headdress of dancers in formation, designs leading to the leaves of the sweet potato representing traditional food during the celebration.

The Warup (Drums) are head to head symbolizing the fierce dance competition between family blood lines from different islands – Goegapa kubminaik, Dance till daylight.

TheWaru ( turtle) makes tracks up the beach has dual meaning in terms of not only representing traditional food but also the cycle of life, as it only makes its way up the beach to lay its eggs, this symbolising new life and passing of traditional law and practice.

This leads me back to the sun dancer, dancing with the kulap (Dancing rattle) in hand, dancing with appreciation to show their respect, humbleness to the family and to the loved one the deceased .