Badhulgaw Kuthinaw Mudh

Torres Strait Islander Art from Badu Island
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Size: 195 x 160mm


$220.00 (Incl GST)

The Karg Yabby image represents the potential dangers that that different seasons would bring to it.  I in my early childhood I with my cousins and friends would visit the little rivers and lakes on Badu in search of the Karg to catch and roast over fire and eat.

 It was during this time for some strange reason as a kid, I would take time to notice that the karg was always there every year surviving through seasons wet and dry and have us hunting them as well.  I at that time in life realised I had learnt from this little creature a valuable skill “the will to keep hat it”, from the Karg has it learns instantly to avoid predators in order to survive in a forever changing environment. 

Laurie Nona 2014