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Laurie Nona Badu Art Centre sibi tuna

Sibi (Tuna)


Size: 63.5cm X 98cm

Medium: Lino Cut

Category: Art Prints / Etchings

$550.00 (Incl GST)

I show in this image a unique and beneficial relationship that exist between the seabirds, the tuna and islander fisherman. The seabirds spends its time flying over vast ocean waters, in search of tuna who push the bait fish to the surface of the ocean. When the tuna starts to feed, the seabirds see the frenzy from above and join in on the feast. Islanders then see the birds feeding and race to the spot to fish for tuna and other deep water fish. Within the image of the tuna, I capture the seabirds diving in formation, feeding as one with the fish. Also my patterns within the image depict the change of weather within the Torres Strait.