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9 October 1979

Amongst other achievements - Sarah is one of Badu's finest Damper makers, and frequently is up at 4am carefully wrapping dough in banana leaves and then baking/ smoking it in the fires - bringing it hot to work and creating much happiness in our creative community. Sarah's work has that same level of care and determination to celebrate the things on Badu that she holds most dear.

Her relief work - both in wood and lino and occasionally hand coloured - shows her engagement with nature - the seasons and the places she loves. Butterflies, Frangipani flowers and her beloved Gaubut beach are amongst her most passionate printed work. Sarah is also a fine jeweller and produces delicate and quite lovely necklaces, wristlets, anklets and other items from shell and seeds.

She occasionally interweaves glass and other beads into her craft and these create a joyful sense of colour when juxtaposed against the colours of the seeds and shells she carefully selects from the Badu beaches. An artist of great judgement, Sarah is able to see things many of us dont - like which seeds could be used for ear-rings, how they could be mounted onto the clasps and what shells work with fabrics we also produce on the island.

Sarahs work is always in high level demand and frequently is sold on the island before we can post it onto this web site. When you are looking for something to buy and wear (or gift) that represents a simpler and 100% natural beach side time - think perhaps of Sarah Gaidans jewellery, along with some of our printed wearable art - a Sarong perhaps.. or one of her beautiful prints..